Medical student Simon Benz has been alerted by a letter from the lawyer Thaker that his mother's brother has recently passed away on the Channel Island of Jersey and that he has been chosen as the sole heir, thereby demanding his presence.

Nothing earth-shattering, if the prevailing circumstances at that time had not turned this venture into an extraordinary undertaking of a very special kind. His youthful euphoria is abruptly crushed by a series of tumultuous episodes on the journey to his destination and then further on the island itself. Suddenly, he is confronted with forces he had previously only heard about, but which he must experience firsthand, now.

Driven by the ideological fixation of helping people in captivity, he is propelled into a maelstrom of emotions, power of war, love for others, and struggles for bare survival during this truly breathtaking rollercoaster of events.

Novel, 388 pages

Release date: 2022

Formats: E-book, Paperback, Hardcover

Publisher: tredition GmbH  

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